Day 1

2 Jun

This post was intended for last night but I couldn’t get the wifi to work and was exhausted after 13 hours of travel, so here’s what you missed!

Where to begin….

4:30am Gina, Jolyn, Lauren, and I wake up, double/triple/quadruple check luggage, Lauren’s parents drive us an hour to the Chicago O’Hare airport, check-in/security/waiting/overpriced breakfast, board at 8am, fly out at 9am, nap/read research articles/try to understand spanish/eat a delicious but small meal on the 4 1/2 hour plane ride, arrive in Panama and hair instantly becomes fro (i.e. humid as hell), layover with connecting flight, board the same plane we were just on, 4ish hour flight with another meal (this time not nearly as delicious), arrive in Lima, Peru around 7:30pm where it is dark and the lights of the city stretch further than you can see, go through immigration/baggage claim/money exchange/customs, meet up with 2 Peruvian professoras holding a sign in the crowd for us, load our things into a taxi van hosted by the program, burly Peruvian man drives us an hour to our hotel, meet a few other girls in the program, find water safe to drink, shower, pass out.

Our fun-sized plane meal 🙂


So far my impression of Peru has been HECTIC. If you’re a backseat driver you will not enjoy this city at all. Cutting other drivers off,  veering into other lanes of rushing traffic, constant horn honking, and maintaining a distance of about 1 ft from other cars and pedestrians are all the norm. If I had been driving we would have gotten in at least 5 accidents on the way to the hotel.

The water is not safe to drink here, at least for tourists. The locals have become accustomed to high levels of bacteria present in their food and drinks, but the rest of us are taking probiotics daily and avoiding foods from street vendors. Our hotel thankfully has a jug of fresh, safe water in the lobby!

Our hotel in Lima

Our hotel in Lima

Struggle of the Day: my Spanish speaking skills are alarmingly non-existent.

The Silver Lining: I am here in this huge, dirty, beautiful city with the opportunity to learn more not only about the field I love (nutrition!), but about another culture’s completely different lifestyle as well.


One Response to “Day 1”

  1. Janice Robinson June 5, 2013 at 2:54 am #

    I’m so glad you have set this up… will love following you in
    your adventures…. Aunt Jan

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