Day 2.

3 Jun

We just got back from grocery shopping, and I don’t have the patience to type a long post when I could be Skyping! Here are some pictures taken today while in Miraflores.


The gorgeous beach of Miraflores.

A small store selling all kinds of fresh fruit!

My first real Peruvian meal! I tried to get a little bit of everything including guinea pig, beef heart, and raw trout.

I have such a sweet tooth so obviously I was all about the desserts!

6 of the 15 girls on this study abroad trip!

The Struggle: They eat a LOT of carbs here! And because we are advised not to eat raw produce in fear of harmful bacteria, and they have limited protein sources, we aren’t left with much to snack on! Maybe the nutrition students will have to learn how to eat a little unhealthy this trip…

The Silver Lining: Liquor doesn’t count as a carb, right? šŸ˜‰ We bought some Peruvian Pisco at the grocery store and will be trying it out very soon!


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