Day 4

4 Jun

Second day of class and all we did from 9am-4pm was sit in a classroom and listen to lectures about research methods and data collection. I would like to say that listening to lectures all day was great because it was in a foreign country… however, it was not. Today was so long and boring!

BUT we did break off into groups and learn about the research studies we will be conducting! My group of 4 will be going to two local elementary schools (colegios) to run studies to see if 5-6 year old childrens´ BMI (body mass index, determines how under/overweight someone is) scores relate to their preference of how much sugar is in their chicha (Peruvian Koolaid). We will give them 3 unmarked glasses of chicha that have varying amounts of sugar in them and ask which they prefer, along with collecting anthropometric data (height, weight, age, etc.) I´m very excited to conduct a real study! This one really won´t mean much in the science field, and probably won´t be the most accurate relationship between childrens´ BMI´s and how much sugar they consume, but it´s still fun to be doing our own study! We have a Peruvian chica in our group to help with interpretation, and will be doing one school this Friday and the other school on Monday.

The smog/fog lifted a little today and we got a beautiful view of the Andes mountains 🙂

The Struggle: So far I think 3? of the 15 girls have gotten sick (diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, hooray!) and our professora promises the rest of us are just waiting our turns. Yikes.

The Silver Lining: I shared a meal with a girl last night who has now been vomiting profusely all day, but somehow I only had a small wave of nausea last night. Thanks, Aunt Becki, for the probiotic pills! I think I probably got some of the bug but thankfully no bad symptoms!


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