Day 14

14 Jun

In Huaraz! The view from our hotel window is so beautiful.

We are going to tour a market today and then just get acclimated to the altitude I think. All the winding hills on the bus ride yesterday left me a little motion sick, but glad to report no altitude sickness! I’ve been drinking a lot of tea in hopes to avoid it.

Not a whole lot to report from yesterday. We were on a bus for 8 hours, most of which I was sleeping because I was nauseous.

The road lines whizzed by, we climbed higher into the mountains, and suddenly we were by the shore. I watched a bird dive into the sea, but didn’t surface with the fish he was looking for. The sea and sky lines blurred together in the fog and I dreamed of getting lost out there.


Just got back from the market tour, lunch at a fantaaaastic pizzeria, and some retail therapy in the artisan markets! The market was pretty gross as many of them in Peru are…

But this vegetarian pizza was amazing! Gina and I split it and then all of us found some cool treasures in the artisan market. I found some gorgeous rings and even got them at a discount by bartering with the vendor! I was pretty proud of my Spanish bargaining skills until I accidentally offered $60 instead of $16 haha. He just laughed a me and gave it to me for $17 (17 soles, about $6.40 in US dollars.) I also got some gifts to take home 🙂

Huaraz is so adorable! I love it here! Hands down my favorite place I’ve visited in Peru so far 🙂

The Struggle: Feeling the altitude a little bit now, I spoke too soon earlier!

The Silver Lining: I have plenty of water and ibuprofen 🙂


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