Day 15

15 Jun

One last post before I’m internet-less! Heading furher into the mountains today to visit a glacier lake and then go meet our host families! Today is only a 6 hour bus ride… wooooooo. Our professora has promised us ice cream though so I guess it’s okay 😉
In case you’ve never gone to higher altitudes, there is less pressure the higher you go so if you have liquids or gases, thy expand. Ie all your shampoo and lotion containers could explode and if the microbes in your gut have been hard at work you will have even more gas than usual. SO there are 20+ women riding on a bus today for 6 hours climbing to even higher altitude… lets just say I’m glad that nobody ate beans last night and that the bus is pretty big.

I only brought one pair of jeans and one pair of yoga pants with me for this weekend excursion, and my jeans are now in a constant state of what I like to call “saggy butt” because I’ve worn them so many damn times they’re all stretched out! Guess who gets to do laundy when she gets back! Yoga pants for the rest of the trip? Most likely. I’m sure they’ll look super authentic next to all the mountain villagers…

Here is a lovely photo of my new favorite headband that I got at the market yesterday 🙂 Peru is cheap shopping and I looooove it!

The Struggle: I’m so hangry right now! (Hungry & Angry, because I’m hungry)

The Silver Lining: I still have a delicious mango that I brought with me from Lima 🙂 mmmmmm not sharing this bad boy with anyone!


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