Day 20

21 Jun

Started the day off with another lovely visit to Manchay! We were supposed to re-visit our mother and baby from yesterday, but instead of being at her home like she had agreed on yesterday, she had gone to see her mother. This apparently happens a lot in Peru during research because Peruvians are so agreeable and don`t want to be mean, so they agree to things and then just don`t show up so it doesn`t seem as rude… still seems pretty rude to me but oh well. We found another mom and baby in the community to assess. The pair we met today had a bit younger mom at 25 years old, and the baby was a little over 1 1/2. Both parents were very involved in the daughter`s life and nutrition, the mom sold vegetables at the local market and therefore had a constant supply of vegetables to eat, and the family ate meat or meat products usually twice a day, every day. The child loved to eat and had a healthy appitite, usually asking for seconds or more food. She had only gotten diarrhea once, while she was transitioning from just breast milk to milk and complimentary foods. She ate 3 meals a day with several snacks in between, most of which were solid foods instead of liquids. Her growth charts showed her to be right on track for height and weight for her age. So BASICALLY, she was perfect. Which was AWESOME because she was headed down such a great path and her parents were so intelligent and took such a proactive approach to her health! But it really, really sucks for my group because how are we supposed to stage an intervention with a child and mother who are doing everything right?! Even my professora didn`t have much advice on how they could improve! 

This afternoon we sat through more lecture stuff and listened to one of our newly introduced professoras sing a song about incorporating more vegetables into children`s diets. It was funny because it was so ridiculous, but actually kind of disturbing. Not a huge fan of singing veggies.

After class I dropped off my dirty laundry with the lady next door, who promises it will be ready for pickup tomorrow night. It better be cause I`m almost out of clean undies! A group of us got on a bus (you don`t realize how terrifying this is until you`re in Peru and there are 50 different buses going 100 different places and you can`t speak spanish and you`re only about 88% sure you got on the right bus and it`s crowded and it`s hard to stand and you`re falling in someone`s lap and you`re watching your purse to make sure nobody snatches it while somehow looking out the window to make sure you don`t miss your stop that you`re not really even sure is exactly and wishing you`d just paid the extra money for a taxi and then finally shoving your way off the bus and breathing and patting yourself on the back for surviving while holding 5 bags of groceries) and made our way to Jockey Plaza, a huuuuuuge fantastic mall kind of near us. We did some shopping, ate dinner at Chili`s (yes, the American restaurant), bought some groceries, got back on the bus, made awkward conversation with a very curious Peruvian man who was very entertained with our poor spanish, and ended up back at the hotel just in time to say buenos noches to our favorite desk worker and head to bed. I`ve laughed so much tonight! The man on the bus said we all looked very happy, which makes me happy because we are 🙂


The Struggle: I ate way too much gelato earlier.

The Silver Lining: There is no such thing as too much gelato.



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