Day 25

25 Jun

Last week of school! It feels surreal.

Today, our groups went back to Manchay to visit our mothers and tell them ways they could improve their child`s nutrition. If you recall, we had to switch to a different mother and baby last week because our first pair didn`t show up for our second visit. Well, when we arrived in Manchay today our second pair was nowhere to be found! It was very frustrating because we couldn`t fully experience our module because the mothers kept leaving! It was also frustrating because we have to go back again on Wednesday, and with no data or pair to work with, we had nothing to do for the rest of the week. We waited for over an hour for the mom to show up, and she didn`t. However, there was a silver lining: while we waited her sister in law let us come into the house they shared… her 4 year old son was so entertaining! He was so nice and shared his treats with us (we fake ate them, who knows where they or his hands have been), and then put some stickers on us and made us play with him and help him count to 10. I loved it!

After an hour of waiting, we found our professora and told her our momma was a no-show, and she insisted we wait another half hour while the other groups got to go home. Needless to say we were a bit frustrated! But then our mom came walking around the corner! She had been at a friend`s house… next door. The miscommunication was frustrating, but we gave her our shpeel about keeping her baby healthy and went our on merry way. Our intervention was to give the child a small meal before bed so that she would sleep through the night and be fuller longer… as it turns out the mother thought that also would be a good idea and had done so by herself in the last 4 days since we`d been there, so by the time we told her about our awesome idea she had already been doing it and the baby wasn`t waking up in the middle of the night hungry anymore! So, again, our child is perfect. Great for the family, not so great learning experience for us haha.


The Struggle: I`m trying to figure out a talent for the Croat Campout`s Talent Show the weekend after I get home… and it appears as though I am talentless.

The Silver Lining: I am GREAT at making myself look like an idiot while speaking Spanish in this country… does that count?


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