Day 28

27 Jun

Our last full night together! Ahhhhh! This is so surreal. We are going to a nice restaurant tonight and then possibly meeting up with some of the Peruvian fellas we met last weekend. We are all dressing up in skirts and whatnot, and we are all going to freeze our patooties off in this 58 degree weather. I can’t wait to get back to an Iowa summer!

Presentations and a goodbye feast at school tomorrow, then packing and getting lots of sleep before leaving around 6am Saturday for our plane to Cusco! It will be nice to have an entire weekend of vacation and no more school!!!

The Struggle: Mostly white carbs + plus limited exercise + Peru’s winter = one pale, pudgy Karlee.

The Silver Lining: Cusco is supoosedly much warmer, and we get a whole week of the warmer temps before heading home 🙂 maybe I’ll get a little bit of a tan at least!


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