Day 29

29 Jun

We said our goodbyes at the Institute today and now 3 girls have just left for the airport 😦 We are so excited they get to go home to their families but I am going to miss this little group soooo much! My trip home will definitely be a little tear-filled.

We have all had the absolute time of our lives here, and although there have been struggles, we all agree we will miss this place. Kaitlyn and I were just discussing how the whole time we`ve been here we knew it was our lives and our bodies that were here, but it feels like a filter has been put on and this couldn`t really be our lives. I know I`ve been thinking about things back home and the daily life I have to pick back up when I get home have kind of kept me from fully enjoying myself here. This week Lauren, Jolyn, Gina, and I are going to Cusco to travel before coming home and I think I`m just going to completely immerse myself in this country. I will have wifi while we travel but I`m not sure yet if I will blog. It`s been a great experience, and all of the people involved are absolutely beautiful.

It`s crazy how much people can impact your life in such a small amount of time. I didn`t realize how much I loved the people and this place until we had to say goodbye today. I am going to miss it all.

One last night in our quirky little hotel, then off to Cusco bright and early tomorrow morning. Most of the girls are leaving tonight and tomorrow, only 8 are staying for awhile after. We are all meeting up for one last night in Lima with our Peruvian girls for one of their birthdays on the 4th of July. There probably won`t be any fireworks, but it will still be gorgeous.

The Struggle: I will not cry, I will not cry, I will not cry.
The Silver Lining: I`ve got these memories forever.


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