Day 30

29 Jun

We made it to Cusco!! I. Am. Lovinggggg it! This town is touristy, but the architecture of the buildings, cobblestone roads, and quirky little shops have officially made me fall in love. I don’t want to leave!

Tomorrow we are waking up at the asscrack of dawn once more to make our way to Aguas Calientes via train, where we’re just going to walk around and explore. Early Monday morning we ride on a bus to Machu Picchu to see the sunrise!! Veryyyy excited even though it’s a tourist trap and will be expensive.

Then Monday,  Tuesday,  and Wednesday nights we will be in my beloved Cusco 🙂 definitely planning on enjoying numerous pisco sours and Peruvian beers.

We went to a market today and bartered with all the senoras selling scarves and stuff. I was able to talk them down and get some pretty good deals! The savings! The worst part of our mini vacation this week is we have to spend so much money on food since we’ll constantly be eating out.

Our hostel here is THE BOMB. It’s very artsy and full of people our own age from around the world! Gina, Jolyn, Lauren, and I are sharing bunks with an older woman from Australia who I guess just decided to travel around South America for a few months, and a guy our age from somewhere latin… he is apparently a lawyer and is here to drive in a go-cart race because he is hoping to become a professional racecar driver. The hostel hosts all kinds of cool events everyday, from discount horseback riding, to museum tours, to ping pong tournaments currently going on in the center patio outside right now. Tonight there is a going away party for someone named Carlos and everyone will be drinking at the bar here. It’s so colorful and alive here and I love it! It’s a great place for all us 20-somethings to call home for a little bit.

It’s pretty warm here during the day, and we have SUN instead of the haze of Lima, but it gets coldddd at night just like it did in the mountains of Huaraz. I still haven’t bought an alpaca sweater, but I just might have to!

The Struggle: Currently experiencing a splitting headache that’s been hanging around for the last 4 hours. Whaddup, altitude sickness.

The Silver Lining: This is why man made ibuprofen, altitude sickness pills, and bottled water. We’re besties tonight.


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