Day 33

2 Jul

Machu Picchu was amazing yesterday! Here are some peeectures. I’m feeling a little high from the blood sugar spike after eating more white bread and jam for breakfast, so I’m restless and antsy right now and not in the mood to blog. More info later!


I’m very filled with love right now. I am so completely happy, and for no particular reason. The girls and I slept in this morning, enjoyed free breakfast in our quirky little hostel, then just started walking. We saw a riot for workers rights in the Plaza de Armas where they burned a few tires, marched around with signs, and chanted a lot of things in Spanish I couldn’t understand.

We made our way to the Incan Ruins, but were stopped at the gate because it cost 70 soles while we had thought it was free! Two nice gentlemen told us their company could show us some of the ruins while we rode on horseback! For only 45 soles! So of course we did it. And it was a BLAST!
I’ve missed being on a horse and it was nice to be back on one even though Bandito was a typical trail horse and didn’t listen to instructions, just went wherever he pleased at whatever pace he pleased. The other girls didn’t have much experience on horses, Gina had never been on one at all! So it was a lot of fun watching their reactions the whole time. Our guide didn’t speak much english but we got the basic jist of things. We rode for 2 hours and then walked back to the center of town to eat the most amazing lunch I’ve had in this country! It was soooooooooooooo so so good and I had approximately 4 food babies when we left.

Tonight we are heading to some of the local bars, decked out of course in all our adorable llama apparel. Heyyyy sexy ladies!

The Struggle: My suitcase is getting preeeetty big. Like, I have to sit on it to zip it closed.

The Silver Lining: I have enough llama souvenirs to last me and the fam & friends the rest of our lives! Hooray for Peru!


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